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500 ml bottle

Do not use in female dairy cattle of breeding age
* Do not administer to female cattle during the first 45 days of pregnancy or for 45 days after removal of bulls
* Do not administer to ewes during the first 30 days of pregnancy or for 30 days after removal of rams
* One product controls 4 major worms plus liver flukes: Tapeworms • Intestinal worms • Stomach worms • Lungworms
Valbazen Suspension dewormer for cattle and sheep is effective in the removal and control of liver flukes, stomach worms, tapeworms, intestinal worms and lungworms. Broad-spectrum anthelmintic for oral administration.

Contains 113.6 mg albendazole per ml. Dosage: Cattle - 4 ml per 100 lbs body weight; Sheep - 0.75 ml per 25 lbs body weight.

Not available for sale in California