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Goat YMCP                      

  * Formerly Sheep & Goat YMCP Plus

  * Helps goats get ready for lactation.

Goat YMCP is a complete goat supplement that helps aid in recovery and gets the doe used to the demands of lactation.

Provides yeast, 4 types of calcium, niacin for post-kidding complication prevention, and the most potent levels of magnesium and potassium to help goats return to normal feed utilization. Highly palatable.

Directions: 4 oz (2 level scoops) in 3 quarts warm water and offer to doe immediately after kidding. May also be drenched – just mix 4 oz with water and administer via drenching device. Can also be used later in lactation. Scoop included; 1 scoop = 2 oz.

2 lb. Bag