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Goat Pen Protector

Goat Pen Protector

Size: 33.9 fl. oz.

Helps keep goat stalls clean and odor free – Goat Health & Care

·        Eliminates Odors

·        Accelerates waste decomposition

·        Promotes Goat Health

·        Long Lasting

·        Safe for All Animals

Neutralizes Odors from Urine, Fecal and Compost Matter whilst aiding in the Decomposition of Waste.

A healthy animal is a happy animal. When goats are healthy they are known to live longer, put on more weight, and produce more milk.

This uniquely formulated product acts quickly and remains effective for long periods of time on unpleasant odors. . Our product also helps neutralize musty and stale air odors in goat enclosures. Goat Pen Protector breaks apart proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other elements to make them absorbable so they decompose quickly. Our molecular deodorants attack animal waste for fast degradation; neutralizing ammonia, nitrogen, and sulfur odors immediately upon contact.