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Goat Hoof and Coat Powder

Goat Hoof and Coat Powder

* Non-caustic antibacterial powder draws, absorbs, and eliminates the breeding grounds of bacteria and fungus
* Great for all farm and show animals
* Easy and fast to apply – no mess
* All-natural

For use on foot rot, coat fungus, rain scald, ringworm, hot spots, and other topical skin and coat problems. Dries and firms up foot, and draws out bacteria that hides between toes. Removes smell associated with foot rot.

Also acts as a “powdered band-aid.” Instantly absorbs wound discharge and creates a breathable, protective scab. Will not damage live, tender tissue.

Directions: Foot rot - regular weekly dusting. Topical skin and coat - one dusting daily will remove bacteria/fungus and allow coat to re-grow. Blood stop/wounds - Use as a start-to-finish wound dressing.

2.5 oz. bottle