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Goat Bluelite

Goat Bluelite

Goat Bluelite

* High potassium electrolyte for quick replacement
* Ideal for use:
  • To encourage dry matter intake
  • To maintain hydration
  • During times of heat stress
  • Before, during and after transportation

Goat Bluelite powder supplement helps keep goats well hydrated before they freshen, during transition, and to help maintain milk production. Ideal for use to encourage dry matter intake, to maintain hydration, during times of heat stress, and before, during and after transportation. Provides added energy sources and vitamins needed in dehydrated animals. Helps to rehydrate and maintain normal body fluid and electrolyte balance to promote top performance. Palatable and acidified. Contains guaranteed min 4% potassium, max 2.3% sodium, min 50 ppm selenium, plus vitamins A, D and E. Directions: Mix 1 oz per 4 gals water or top-dress 1/2 oz on daily feed. 1 oz scoop enclosed

2 lb. Bag