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Copper Capsules

Copper Capsules

Copper supplement for lambs, kids, sheep and goats
* 2 gm for lambs and kids and 4 gm for adult sheep and goats
* Under most conditions, readministration not needed for another 6 months
Copasure Capsules are a range of copper supplement capsules for lambs, kids, sheep and goats.
Each Copasure 2 gm capsule contains 2 gm copper oxide particles. Each Copasure 4 gm capsule contains 4 gm copper oxide particles.
Directions: Seek the advice of a veterinarian or sheep and goat husbandry specialist to ascertain copper status and the type of supplementation required for lambs, kids, sheep and goats under consideration.
* Copasure 2 gm – Ruminating lambs and kids over 25 lbs and over 5 weeks of age: 1 capsule. For use in lambs and kids only.
* Copasure 4 gm – Adult sheep and goats 100 to 200 lbs: 1 capsule. Adult sheep and goats 200-300 lbs: 2 capsules. For use in adult sheep and goats only.
Administer capsule orally with suitable balling gun. Administer only intact capsules, do not crush or break. Do not administer to animals of unknown copper status or those supplemented with other sources of copper. Veterinary advice should be sought before treating breeds such as North Ronaldsay, Texels or Lleyns known to be copper sensitive. Do not use in animals suffering from jaundice or any other liver disease. Under most conditions, readministration will not be necessary for at least 6 months. Excessive levels of molybdenum, sulfur, selenium, or iron in feed or water may impair dietary copper absorption.