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A-Lyte Solution

A-Lyte Solution

Durevt A-Lyte Solution is a liquid source of vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes for cattle, sheep, swine and horses when dietary intake is reduced. A Lyte provides a quick energy source with essential nutrients and helps get animals "on feed" fast. ALyte can be used as a supportive treatment of dehydration resulting from prolonged fevers, transportation shrink, pneumonia and diarrhea. Contains a blend of amino acids and electrolytes approximating the ratio occurring in normal blood plasma for fast action. Solution contains 5 gm dextrose, 250 mg sodium, 20 mg magnesium, 20 mg potassium, 20 mg calcium, 11 amino acids and 6 vitamins. Directions: Cattle/Horses - 10 oz per 100 lbs body weight; Swine/Sheep - 1/2 oz per 5 lbs body weight; administer in drinking water.
500 ml bottle.